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Mental health groups praise government plans

October 14, 2010


Some of the UK?s most influential mental health organisations have publicly given their support to what the coalition government has achieved during its first 100 days.

The Future Vision Coalition - which includes Mind, Rethink, Together, The Mental Health Foundation and The Royal College of Psychiatrists - says it is ?greatly encouraging? that the government is looking to promote good mental health, and focus on prevention and early intervention.

Despite the looming deep cuts across most government departments, the Future Vision Coalition's new report - Opportunities For A New Mental Health Strategy ?  is distinctly upbeat, praising the government on a number of fronts.

These include:

* the establishment of a childhood and families task force and an independent commission into early intervention in order to prevent young people developing mental health problems

*  a commitment to serve members of the armed forces and veterans.

* a commitment to explore alternative forms of secure, treatment-based accommodation for mentally ill and drugs offenders

* an extension of choice into mental health from April 2011 with a general roll out of personal health budgets.

* the introduction of payment by results in mental health services. ?Currencies? for adult mental health services will be introduced from 2012/13, and plans to develop currencies for child and adolescent services will follow. Payment mechanisms to support the commissioning of psychological therapies will also be worked on.

* a commitment to continue the roll out of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme.

 Read for yourself: The Future Vision Coalition - pportunities For A New Mental Health Strategy

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a colleague
about this article





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