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July 11: Man who "threatened" NHS psychological therapist wins 5k in out-of-court libel settlement - charity worker said
decision shows that mental health professionals who make defamatory accusations against patients or their relatives in written correspondence are ?not above the law?. By Adam James.

June 22: Psychiatrists are the least effective of mental health professionals, says consultant psychologist - Dr Henck van Bilsen makes stinging criticism of psychiatry.

May 29: British Psychological Society "out of step" with public opinion over government cuts - BPS is afraid of ?putting its head above parapet?, say psychologists

Jan 4: Sacked psychotherapist wins 'justice' and 80k in settlement


August 30: Clinical psychologist 'deluded' for having patient relationship


July 1: Psychiatric patient gets 400,000 compensation after failed suicide bid - judge said patient had experienced "undue suffering" after being insufficiently monitored by the staff in hospital

July 1: Leading charity backs registration of counsellors and therapists - Mind says people will be ?unprotected? if counsellors and psychotherapists are not regulated. From today all psychologists are to be regulated by the Health Professions Council.

June 15: Managing director wins landmark depression case - council loses after claiming Christine Laird, left, withheld her diagnosis in a job application.

June 5: Psychiatry is the most fun speciality of medicine, says top psychiatrist Dinesh Bhugra in bid to recruit more UK graduates

April 30: Psychiatric unit employees on trial for 2.5m NHS fraud - pair deny charges relating to Cawston Park in Norfolk

March 30: "Alarm" as therapists reduce feelings of homosexuality - "Homosexuality is not an illness and therefore is not curable," says Tom Warnecke of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy in response to new research.

March 11: Professionals never engaged therapeutically with psychiatric patient before he killed - investigation into care of Ismail Dogan, diagnosed with schizophrenia, revealed treatment only ever involved anti-psychotic medication

Feb 19: Psychiatric nurse who failed at-risk patient who hanged himself is struck off - second nurse who was playing computer game at time of Wiltshire hospital ward death is cautioned


Feb 19: Psychiatric nurse who failed at-risk patient who hanged himself is struck off - second nurse who was playing computer game at time of Wiltshire hospital ward death is cautioned

Oct 23: NHS psychiatrist criticised after patient's overdose death - consultant rapped for failing to comply with care programme approach and not organising multi-disciplinary meeting

Comment: Sept 3, 2008: Psychotherapists and counsellors should refuse registration - state control will fail to protect the public from abuse and will threaten psychoanalysis, says Ian Parker

Jan 23: Psychiatric nurse cautioned after falling in love with patient - Karen Brock found to have failed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries


Dec 12: Mental health worker strike to continue - 150 colleagues support sacked psychiatric nurse who spoke out against NHS cuts

Dec 6: Psychologists trained elsewhere in Europe no longer considered as "trainees" - EU clinical psychologists do not have to submit essays or dissertations to work for NHS

Nov 29: Mental health professionals urged to volunteer overseas - VSO seeks specialists for countries such as Malawi

Nov 15: "Very good" mental health nurse sacked after talking to media - but Sheila Foley, chief executive of the Manchester trust says: "I believe this is the right decision in the best interest of the trust and the patients we care for."

Nov 14: More than 41,000 assaults per year on mental health and learning disability NHS staff

Oct 25: Extra 3,700 psychological therapists to be recruited into NHS
- Health Secretary Alan Johnson, pictured left, also promises that average waiting times for psychological therapies to drop from 18 months to ?a few weeks?

Oct 25: Mental health worker stabbed to death by client - expected ?brilliant psychologist? Ashley Ewing, left, killed during visit to flat. Inquiry ordered after Ronald Dixon warned he was dangerous, court hears.

Aug 30: Mental health workers strike over suspension of union member - inpatients moved to other units up to 100 miles away

August 8: Most mental health nurses under excessive pressure, finds survey - three quarters of nurses also say recruitment freeze and posts left unfilled has been imposed over the past 12 months.

June 28: Psychologists, nurses and occupational therapists to have new psychiatric detention powers - "it will be possible for clinicians to use this power in the best interest of clients,? says Peter Kinderman, left

May 2: More than 13,000 extra mental health professionals recruited to lead reform of services - statistics laid out in 10-year progress report by Professor Louis Appleby, the government's national director for mental health


Nov 22: Professionals gave psychiatric patient murderer ?too much liberty" - states report into random killing by patient of Springfield unit in south London.

Video report
Nov 9: "Staff are willing - but we lack funds" - three delegates at the Mental Health Today conference on their experience of inpatient psychiatric wards.

Oct 2: Adult community mental health professionals treat patients with "dignity and respect", finds NHS watchdog survey - but charity boss says services are "shamefully inadequate" after Healthcare Commission finds NHS fails to provide adequate out-of-hours crisis care and ?talking therapies?

Sept 7: Half of mental health nurses have been stalked, research claims - stalkers include other mental health nurses and patients

July 21: Nurses do not want smoking ban in psychiatric wards - but fears that ban would spark aggression from patients refuted by non-smoking units, survey finds

July 19: NHS psychiatrist sells his knowledge on Ebay - but Syed Shah has yet to attract a bidder

April 27: Give mental health nurses more time with patients, government review urges - nurses should also cut back on administrative work, says chief nursing officer Christine Beasley ((left)

April 26: Double standards - Psychiatrist Duncan Double (left) was once suspended from his NHS job for "deficient" practice. Double tells Adam James that he believes it was because he opposed psychiatry's biomedical approach

Jan 13: Research psychologist reprimanded for writing court report when under qualified - researcher told to get extra training before writing psychological assessments for use in court


Sept 23, 2000: Going undercover - When Rufus May was a teenager he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and told he would have to take medication for the rest of his life. He since came off all medication and is now a clinical psychologist with a message, writes Adam James

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