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Nov 7, 2012: Stepping it up for better mental health care - The NHS 15 Steps Challenge is a unique tool to improve quality of care in inpatient mental health settings,argues Louise Randle

Jan 31, 2012: Self strength - The greater the loss of selfhood, the more likely we are to have a major mental health problem, argues author Dr Terry Lynch
Aug 29, 2011: Want to end mental health stigma? Stop medicalising distress - psychiatric diagnoses lie at heart of negative attitudes towards people with mental health problems, says Terry Simpson

April 29, 2011: Peer support - cheaper and just as effective as CBT - Train ordinary people to be compassionate and psychologically helpful. They could do as well as as cognitive therapists, argues Nicky Forsythe

Feb 16, 2011: Crisis of masculinity? Time for psychologists to study men - Martin Seager outlines why in a post-feminist society and where almost all prisoners are male, psychologists should focus more on men's psychology.

.Feb 9, 2011: The rise in bipolar disorder is a myth - The apparent increase in the condition is largely due to a broadening of diagnostic criteria, say Phil Barker and Poppy Buchanan-Barker

March 15, 2010: Compulsory ECT is wrong - Psychiatry has a history of using damaging interventions, so it's time to end the magical faith in electroconvulsive therapy, argues psychiatrist Pat Bracken

Sept, 2009: We're failing the elderly over care - A psychosocial programme for dementia is as effective as drugs. But it's not available, so failing thousands of patients and their carers, says Joanne Knowles.

April 24, 2009: Treating schizophrenia without drugs? There's good evidence for it - award-winning researcher and psychiatrist Tim Calton examines studies demonstrating how psychosis can be managed without medication.

Oct 9, 2008: Cognitive behavioural therapy; no more than another Labour quick fix - the government has started recruiting thousands of more CBT-trained therapists in a bid to "cure" 450,000 people with depression and anxiety in England and Wales. But CBT is a desperate simplifcation of what lies at the heart of distress, argues Dorothy Rowe

Sept 3, 2008: Psychotherapists and counsellors should refuse registration - state control will fail to protect the public from abuse and will threaten psychoanalysis, argues Ian Parker

April 18, 2008: Underground recovery - Clinical psychologist Rufus May explains why, when using a non-drug approach to help a doctor who heard voices, he had no choice but to work in secret.

April 9, 2008: This tide's already changed
The recovery approach in mental health is not new. Our research-based recovery model has been operating across the world for 10 years, say
Phil Barker and Poppy Buchanan-Barker.

April 2, 2008: The anti-psychotic myth exposed?
Anti-psychotics are not effective long-term, shrink the brain and almost triple the risk of an early death, a London NHS psychiatrist and academic has written in a new book. Has the mental health establishment got it wrong over the true validity of such drugs, asks
Adam James

 Jan 10, 2008: The wrong advice - The national clinical guideline on depression is flawed, acts as a mouthpiece for pharmaceutical firms and pays lip service to the views of service users. We must now challenge it, says Malcolm Learmonth

 Oct 31, 2007: Getting personal - Stop the psychological therapy "brand warfare" and recognise a therapist's personal qualities are more important than their model, argues Martin Seager, who helps advise the government on how to make mental health services more therapeutic

 Dec 12, 2006: CTOs do not work...and that's according to the evidence base - Community treatment orders will help protect the public from mentally people who kill, says the government. But what of the evidence for such a claim, asks Adam James

 Oct 24, 2006: "Abolish schizophrenia" - The diagnosis of schizophrenia is unscientific and damaging, argue Marius Romme and Paul Hammersley, both of a new campaign entitled CASL (Campaign to Abolish the Schizophrenia Label). They say we should replace it with post-traumatic psychosis

April 4, 2006: Stop using mental health as an emergency piggy bank - Want to prevent cuts to your local mental health services? Then get campaigning, urges Simon des Forges

Feb 14, 2006: Disordered thinking?
The prescribing of ADHD drugs is soaring, while concerns are escalating about damaging side effects. Is it time that the social and family lives of ADHD-diagnosed children are examined as much as their brains, asks Adam James

Oct 17, 2005 Mental health doesn't need psychiatrists - Many psychiatrists are sophisticated communicators with a vast knowledge of the physical and social sciences. Nevertheless, do people with mental health problems need to have their care and treatment supervised by such medically-trained doctors, ask Phil Barker and Poppy Buchanan-Barker?

June 6, 2005: Our acute problem - To alleviate the culture of violence on inpatient psychiatric wards exposed by a Healthcare Commission audit, psychologists should have more of a role in care, argues Rufus May. There should also be more service user "consultants" helping manage wards and training of staff. But above all, says May, we need more non-medical residential alternatives to hospital care.

  May 16, 2005: It's time the giant of mental health nursing woke up - Input from mental health nurses is markedly absent from clinical guidelines produced by The National Institute for Clinical Excellence, say Phil Barker and Poppy Buchanan-Barker. It's time, they argue, that mental health nurses had their own representative body to stand up for them.

 April 11, 2005: We can do a power of good - Many clinical psychologists welcome the draft mental health bill because it would give them extra powers, such as preventing the use of ECT or the over-medication of patients. Moreover, argues Peter Kinderman, it's time clinical psychologists stopped clinging to the myth that, at present, they have no power

Feb 7, 2005: Compassion not compulsion - psychiatric treatment by force amounts to state-sponsored violence, says Rufus May.

Dec 13, 2004: The usefulness of self harm - Self harm can be an imaginative way to cope with trauma. To avoid shaming people who self harm clinical psychologists should not assume that self harm is wrong, argues Sam Warnere therapy, argues Peter Kinderman


Oct 11, 2004: More work less therapy - If clinical psychologists really want to assist clients they should focus on helping them find employment as much as providing cognitive therapy, argues Peter Kinderman

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