Big issue: psychiatric diagnoses
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Sept 24: Trapeze artist's bipolar experience turns to circus - circus is ?perfect medium for bipolar disorder?

Feb 10: DSM-5 is "unscientific" and "dangerous" - mental health professionals criticise new planned diagnosis manual


Aug 29: Want to end mental health stigma? Stop medicalising distress - psychiatric diagnoses lie at heart of negative attitudes towards people with mental health problems, says Terry Simpson

June 17: Get to know your voices over cup of tea or cake, psychologist advises people with psychosis - new online advise by Rufus May on ?changing the power relationship? with voices


Oct 22: People prefer living with moods of bi-polar disorder, say clinical psychologists in new report

Jan 15: Meditation could "prevent thousands" relapsing with depression every year - claim made as charity promotes mindfulness therapy for NHS


We're failing the elderly over care - A psychosocial programme for dementia is as effective as drugs. But it's not available, so failing thousands of patients and their carers, says Joanne Knowles.

Sept 18: People with mental health problems to be prescribed self-help books - pilot initiative launches in London

June 1: People with schizophrenia not more violent, claims study - researcher Dr Niklas Långström, left, says research challenges misperceptions

April 24: Treating schizophrenia without drugs? There's good evidence for it -
award-winning researcher and psychiatrist Tim Calton examines studies demonstrating how psychosis can be managed without medication.

April 15: Therapist anger at NHS "downplaying" of counselling and psychotherapy - NICE states patients should be explained about the "uncertainty" of counselling and psychodynamic psychotherapy for depression

March 29: Mental ill health epidemic" behind anxiety surge - 400% rise in emails and double number of helpline calls reflects recession fears says Nicky Lidbetter, of the charity. Anxiety UK

Feb 24: Sharp rise in anorexia hospital admissions - over decade, the number of admissions among girls aged 16 and under jumped from 256 to 462

Jan 30: Give people with personality disorder written information on psychiatric drugs - mental health professional told information should include evidence for drug effectiveness and harm, say new guidelines


Feature: Sept 5: Schizophrenia gene, where art thou? Molecular genetics has failed to reliably identify DNA for schizophrenia. So has the search been a complete damp squid? Adam James examines the evidence.

April 18: Underground recovery -
Clinical psychologist Rufus May explains why, when using a non-drug approach to help a doctor who heard voices, he had no choice but to work in secret.

April 14: "Unlikely" that key genes cause schizophrenia -
according to most comprehensive genetic study of its kind. Report by Adam James

Jan 16: 'The Henderson saved my life' - here's why the acclaimed personality disorder unit should be saved, writes Kath Lovell

Jan 10: ADHD drug prescribing soars in Scotland - more than 8 per cent of Scottish people aged 15 and over also take antidepressants daily, new figures reveal

Mental health comment:
Jan 10, 2008: The wrong advice - The national clinical guideline on depression is flawed, acts as a mouthpiece for pharmaceutical firms and pays lip service to the views of service users. We must now challenge it, says Malcolm Learmonth


Nov 21: Government to consider review of ADHD causes and treatments - Lords statement made following peer's concerns over prescribing for ADHD

Nov 14: "Investigate ADHD drugs" peer to urge - Baroness Susan Greenfield, a professor of pharmacology, says "time is ripe for an inquiry exploring the actual causes of ADHD"

June 13: People with schizophrenia not on antipsychotics more likely to recover, states research - patients in US are followed up after 15 years

June 7: Personality disorder an invalid "catch-all" label which damages women, says clinical psychologist - Gillian Proctor attacks "growing prevalence of labeling women with BPD"


Mental health comment
Oct 24, 2006: "Abolish schizophrenia"
- The diagnosis of schizophrenia is unscientific and damaging, argue Marius Romme and Paul Hammersley. They say we should replace it with post-traumatic psychosis

Jan 23: Psychiatrists insist cannabis is a significant cause of psychosis - doctors are ?very concerned? about decision not to upgrade cannabis to Class B drug.

Jan 16: Research the link between bad diet and mental ill heath, report urges - depression, schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder could be partly caused by nutrition-deficient diet

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