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> Search for other forum member UK-trained and non-UK psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health nurses and mental health workers by professional areas of specialist interest.

As a professional you may want a list of colleagues interested in the same specialist area as yourself. This service, which can also cut across all psychology, psychiatry and mental health professions, will allow you to carry out such a search.

> Track down other forum member colleagues who trained/graduated from the same UK institution as yourself. N.B. This service is unavailable to mental health nurses and workers

What are colleagues you graduated with up to now? How can you contact them? Where are they working? What books or journal papers have they authored? Well, now you can find out.




Note: The Psychminded Members Forum accepts:
> DClinPsych clinical psychologists and clinical psychologists trained outside the UK
> Psychiatrists graduated from a UK medical school, and psychiatrists trained outside the UK
> Academic/graduate psychologists graduated in a BPS-accredited BSc or BA in psychology, and academic psychologists graduated outside the UK
> Therapists/counsellors who have completed a BACP- accredited course, and practitioners qualified outside the BACP
Occupational psychologists who have completed a BPS-accredited masters in occupational psychology
> Educational psychologists who have completed a BPS-accredited masters in educational psychology
> Counselling psychologists who have completed a BPS-accredited masters in couselling psychology and professionals trained outside the UK
> Health psychologists who have completed a BPS-accredited masters health psychology course and professionals trained outside UK
> Mental health workers (all grades - from managers to volunteers)
> Mental health nurses